Buch Empfehlungen

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Nelson George – The Death of Rhythm & Blues

Alonzo Tucker – James Brown

Rob Bowman – Soulville U.S.A. – The Story Of Stax Rec.

Im Moment Vergriffen

Louis Cantor – Wheelin´ on Beale, WDIA Radio Memphis, Tenn.

Larry Nager – Memphis Beat, The Life and Times of Americas´ Musical Crossroads

Arnold Shaw – Honkers and Shouters, The Golden Years of Rhythm & Blues

Honkers and Shouters: The Golden Years of Rhythm and Blues

Berry Gordy – To Be Loved, The Music, The Magic, The Memories Of Motown

Gerald Posner – Motown, Music, Money, Sex and Power

Ronin Ro – Prince, Inside The Music and the Masks

Peter Guralnick – Sweet Soul Music

Funk & Soul Covers

What´d I Say – The Atlantic Story – 50 Years Of Music, Ahmed Ertegun

The Beatles Anthology

Wolfman Jack – Have Mercy, Confessions of the Original Rock `N` Roll Animal

Frederic Dannen – Hit Men

Tom King – The Operator, David Geffen, Builds, Buys and sells the new Hollywood